Year: 2013            Country: Kuwait             ––Corporate Branding & Packaging.

Dolsten® is a new company manufacturer of small household appliances, based in Kuwait.. We were contacted to design the whole branding for this outstanding young company decided to make home living easier through innovate solutions. 

The identity system was designed to bridge this idea and user worlds simply, Simply done™. The simple nature of the logo allows to being easily reproduced across all media, such as web, packaging, stationery and many others. 


"We wanted to hire a good design team for our brand. And fortunately empatía® exceeded our expectations, they followed a scientific way. Thats why we´ll come back for them for future work".- Shawaf Al-Shawaf, Founder of Dolsten®.

––dCooker machine.

––Business Card.

––Product introduction brochure.


––Special card & CD.

––A4 Folder & A4 envelope.

––dCooker product packaging.

––dCooker product packaging.







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