Andrea Otilas.

Year: 2012         Country: Argentina         ––Branding & Web.

Andrea Otilas® is a very young and talented fashion designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We were asked to design the identity of this young professional. We feel privileged to do this work as Andrea is a good friend of us. Andrea loves simplicity and colors. We developed our thinking around these conceptual themes.

The idea was to create a simple logo with a simple message. What do clothes say about a person? How do people use their clothes to express themselves? The brand is supported by a powerful visual identity which centres around the combination of a vivid red color and simple sans serif typography.

"Excellent service, professional design process, great results, on time".- Andrea Otilas.

––Poster, CD & Business card.


––Pantone selection.

––Personalized pins.


––Cloth tag.


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