Timeless Massimo Vignelli.

Year: 2015            Country: Spain            ––Poster

The Disseny Hub Barcelona building, headquarters of BCD, hosts "Timeless Massimo Vignelli” exhibition, a collective homage paid by 53 recognized national and international graphic designers and studios wanting to commemorate the life and work of one of the most influential figures of contemporary design. The sample can be visited until 31 August. 

The exhibition, curated by the creative studio Husmee, has also the collaboration of Vignelli Associates, Beatriz Cifuentes and Yoshiki Waterhouse, that have given up their private archive for the show. Products designed by Vignelli for brands like Knoll and Heller are also present at the exhibition.


Organized by
Husmee Studio (Thank you so much for the invitation peers!)

BCD Barcelona Centro de Diseño

Vignelli Associates

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