United Notions.

Year: 2015

United Notions is an exhibition that promotes connection between Nations and people. Many seem to overlook the fact, that we now live in a multicultural world. Though cultures differ, we still have a lot in common. We teamed with 19 more studios from across the globe and brief each other with one word that is foreign to our culture and create 2 posters each: one based on personal choice, another based on a brief from our peers.

Our chosen word was 'Quilombo'. Quilombo is probably one of the most used words in Argentina. This word was originally used to refer slaves quarters in Brazil. More recently the word was used to mean brothel, specifically in Buenos Aires. Nowadays the meaning of quilombo has shifted to a mess or a messed-up situation but with a stronger connotation.

i.e. ––¡Qué quilombo! (What a bloody mess!)


And our peers from Germany –Deutsche & Japaner– send us the word 'Fingerspitzengefühl'. A german term one would actually translate as a sensitive perception of the tips of your fingers. It's meaning, though working literally as explained, goes beyond.

The term describes a state of mind. The ability of showing empathy, instinctively responding to ones counterpart in a gentle way, especially in delicate situations and conversations. 

Organized by The Bakery (Thanks for the invitation mates!)

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