Located in the breathtaking region of Patagonia, San Martin de los Andes is home to one of Argentina's most important ski resorts, Chapelco. Nestled among the stunning Andes Mountains, Chapelco offers a world-class skiing and snowboarding experience for enthusiasts of all levels.

We teamed up with Studio Ciervo and worked on Guardería Chapelco, a new place that provides a safe and fun environment for parents to leave their children while they enjoy the mountain activities.

Our main goal was to create a visual identity that conveys trust, fun, and security for parents who entrust their children. We developed a modern and welcoming brand that captures the essence of this unique experience.

The chosen color palette, with soft and natural tones, evokes the beauty of the mountain landscapes and creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere for the little adventurers. In addition, we selected a friendly and legible typography to reinforce the warm and welcoming approach of the childcare facility.

To complement the visual identity, we created a style guide that encompasses graphic elements and photography.

Creative Services: 
Brand Identity

Client: Chapelco Ski Resort
Production: Tienda Ciervo Studio
Year: 2022


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