Snowbrod is a high-end and confectionary bakery shop based in San Martin de los Andes, a little town in the Patagonia region of Argentina. We were contacted by Tienda Ciervo Studio to work along with them on the new packaging imagery for Snowbrod.

In order to successfully implement the rebranding strategy, we started by identifying the company's vision, and use these new definitions as guideposts for our new strategy. We didn't want to give the packaging an extreme change, but to shift it towards the brand's vision. Moreover, the brand already has a logo which was not part of the redesign, so when thinking of the new imagery it was imperative to think of something that could easily and harmoniously combine with the existing logo.

We wanted to create a memorable packaging experience, and one of our first decisions was to create a versatile pattern which could easily stand alone on different assets; packaging, website, leaflets and more. We played around with the idea of sprinkled wheat flour, a distinctive sightseeing behind a bakery kitchen, and we applied in on the jar's caps. These motifs were applied throughout the consumer experience, to play up the endless, versatile options available for diners.

The color palette and typography selection, consigns the brand with a sober and clean feeling that makes it modern and sweet.

Creative Services: 
Brand Identity
Packaging Design

Client: Snowbrod
Production: Tienda Ciervo studio
Year: 2022


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